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Compex has divided its production in two differents plants due to the massive production volume. Every year, the volume of products manufactured has been increasing and in 2018 we proudly reached the highest amount of products negotiated in our history.

This our production goals could only be reached as a consequence of many years of hard work and determination by all employees. The production chain at the two plants of Compex's production reached a level of innovation, quality and control that has never been used in any other plant in Brazil's northeast. 

We pioneered  the IQF technology with nitrogen. Also we were the first to invest in the automation of key process of the production chain to deliver the best products to our partners worldwide. These investments made possible the acceptance of our products in the most exigent markets in the world.

To guarantee and to preserve our achievements, we are focused in three important concepts:


Deliver the freshest, tastiest, healthiest and best quality products to our clients


Spread Compex brand globally as the highest quality seafood supplier


Work in a continouous improvement of quality, guaranteeing our client satisfaction, respecting the environment and our employees wellbeing

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